Berlin buses

The biggest bus network in Germany

More than 1.400 buses belonging to the BVG and its subcontractors cover 300.000 kilometres on scheduled services every day.
The double deckers have practically become landmarks of the city. Passengers can enjoy views of the Kurfürstendamm and other sights from the top deck.
Every year, the buses travel 89 million kilometres and carry over 350 …

Transport service in Berlin's urban area is provided by several public bus lines of the BVG. They cover routes which are not covered by other public transport. A special feature of Berlin are the double-decker buses whose upper decks offer a great view.

Berlin buses at BVG

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Berlin buses are operated by BVG, the public bus service network of Berlin, Germany. Opened in 1846, it is the oldest public transport service of the city. Its fleet consists of some 1,300 vehicles, which cover 300,000 kilometres per day.
Normal bus routes (Bus) make up most of the network and consist of around 300 lines, numbered from 100 to 399. The most famous line is the 100, which serves the tourist route from Alexanderplatz to the Zoological Garden passing many of Berlin's sights. The suburban buses, operating outside Berlin and not managed by BVG, are included in the tariff area of Berlin public transport.